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Shape of cabinet is not only aesthetic but is designed from acoustic principles and lot of material research was done for best results. In comparative test with other cabinets, with same elements there was great advantage for this design and material. Loudspeaker was winner of Product '98 competition, Organized by Union of Savo, Finland

Material: Sanitary Porcelain, Hifi 10/2 set - Measurements: h 455 mm, w 340 mm, l 220 mm.

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Bella tableware

Bella tableware is for all situations from breakfast to late supper where beauty and harmony is needed on the table. Innovative design is combination of porcelain and thin rubber surface for better grip and against heat. Not in production.

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These pieces are defined as sculptural furniture. Each product is unique in using the best combination of different wood and also other materials most of which are recycled.

Material: Various wood and other materials, Metal - Measurements: h 550 mm, w 450 mm, l 350 mm.

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Earth bowls

Serie of bowls where my handprint can be seen. Inspired by earth.