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Aurea 2008

Idea to this sculpture came from outer space, literally. Shape presents kind of universal form and surface is like planets rough surface.

Material: Bronze - Measurements: h 495 mm, w 420 mm, l 110 mm.

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Transition objects 2015

These are transition objects for artist to transit between phases.

Materiaalit: Stoneware, Porcelain, Wood, Bronze

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Flowers of Eternity 2008-2010

There's various flowers and each one of them is unique, because of a method I have developed. Different organic shapes grow inner side of flowers and I pick up the most fascinating ones for bronze casting and for these art pieces. These flowers grow through the bullet holes and show how war changes reality, when you look at these mirrors nothing is like before. Still it's one way try to describe how life always continues even in almost impossible circumstances.

Artwork can consist of one or several units, in which case it reflects surrounding space.

Materials: Bronze, Brass, Mirror Steelplate - Measurements/unit: h 500 mm, w 1000 mm, l 300 mm.

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Ray of Light 2008

This lighted sculpture uses led lighting system. Rays obviously, but also aircrafts has inspired me here. Welded steel frame is covered by finest quality of reindeer leather.

Materials: Reindeer leather, Steel, Led lights - Measurements: h 220 mm, w 1200 mm, l 1050 mm.

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Jaska, Pekka & Timo 2005

Sculptures Jaska, Pekka and Timo presents three fictional Finnish-American miners who died in a mining accident in 1905. Now they are enjoying their meal, booze and bread at the beach of Lake Superior.

Materials: Sandcasted glass, Wood, Metal - Measurements: h 2000 mm, l 1200 mm, p 300 mm.

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Stream 2010

Installation can vary in size and composition.

Materials: Bone China

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Warsplommers 2013

Scuptures can be seen as wrecks of war. There's combination of stoneware and porcelain in some of them.

Materials: Ceramics

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Tääpääväpättää 2013

In other words - "I found a gate inside of me" (Pekka Streng). Wood is old, I heard really old.

Materials: Stoneware, wood, leather

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Throughshowing Wanderers of All 2014

Sculptures consist of different materials, surfaces and forms. Throughshowing ceramic element on the middle, located on level of adults face, is different of it's shape/colour depending which side or angle one is looking at it. Other structures of sculpture are built around it to move and navigate it's location in All.

Materials: Stoneware, pine, rubber, steel

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Bed of Thumbs 2015

Combination of ceramic thumbs and old iron bed. Bed might have healing powers and there's no bugs.

Materials: Stoneware, Steel

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Resurrection 2016

Pour water on it and you will make this piece of art come alive with sound.

Materials: Stoneware, porcelain, steel

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Evolution 2016

Story of Evolution shaped on these Sculptures.

Materials: Black stoneware, Bronze

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Otus 2016

Eternal metamorphosis.

Materials: Black stoneware, Blacksmith steel, Brass

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Olio 2017

Colourful life of Olio continues with new Adventures.

Materials: Stoneware, Pine, Willow